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Donations made to My Path Foundation are carefully distributed to students the achieve a consistent positive track record in academics, conduct and public services done through events held within the school.


Your Donation will help encourage the student and fill them with hope, determination and a real sense of faith that they can achieve their dreams. 

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-Your donation will be tax exempt

-If you need your receipt please contact us for instructions


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All proceeds made to My Path are used solely for the benefit of the students. Personnel and any staff working under My Path are funded separately. 

Some requirements for a students participation in the My Path program are:


Students must maintain a 3.7 GPA AVERAGE for the last 3 years of grade school alongside their additional coursework guided by Superate.


Must have openly agreed with family members to use funds provided by MyPath for family/personal situations. Its only to be used for education as the investment in the long term will benefit the entire family. 


Must have already applied to a university or technical institute and have been accepted.


Have a community service project completed.


Maintain satisfactory level of conduct. 

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