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Really have a passion for making a difference? Take the challenge of directly funding one student throughout their entire journey! Contact us today for more information and make a huge impact that will leave you recognized and changes lives. 



Inspiring young adults to pursue a more rigorous and goal-oriented level of education, will help aspiring students reshape their lives and set higher goals for the families and peers around them. 


Anyone with a higher level of education is granted better paying jobs and more stability in their lives. My Path works to guide students through their academic journey ensuring that the right path is taking to achieving employment and success in their lives.


New Standards
Students within the poverty line tend to fall down a negative path of violence and low self-esteem motives. We are certain that a community surrounded by students committed to change and a better future, will encourage others to set new standards as well. 


To maintain the student activity effective and stress-free, they need to not worry about the tools necessary to complete their tasks. Most of our striving and aspiring leaders can barely afford 3 meals a day. Donating supplies will help lessen the worries and allow them and their families to focus on greater goals.


While the cost of education is comparably low in the US when looking at the face value. The costs is actually unreachable to the majority in El Salvador. We accept donations of all sizes which are put solely on the students to help pay for all their necessary expenses such as food, travel, books and courses.



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